How To Install Your Full Weave With Lace Closure
Dying hair extensions roots after its been installed. Its a MUST WATCH!


How to Wear Your New Wig

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How to select the right hair extensions to match your hair color

p 1: Match the color to the area of your head you are placing  the hair extensions in. For example, for clip in hair extensions, match the hair color between the top of your ears to the bottom of your current hair. Not the very top area of your head unless you're purchasing a product for the top of your head (closures).

Tip 2: If you have the time, the most accurate ways to match hair color is by sending us a clear photo of your hair from the side and back of your head. note: Even the best camera in the world will never show true natural color within a photo. Time of the day and lighting will always make hair color appear different in shades. To be sure your color will be a true match, take the photo in daylight with no powerful lighting or flash. This is the chart you should refer to. Match Your Hair To The Hair Number Below.

Tip 3: You can get amazing natural results by purchasing 2  different shades/colors of hair instead of one. We do not mean purchase a color blend, but purchase 2 different packages of hair with different shades. *Ideal if you currently have multi colored hair shades in your hair.*

Tip 4: The best approach is to match your hair either slightly lighteror darker then your hair to achieve the most natural look.

Tip 5: Buy Natural Black 1B color extensions, you can dye and bleach this to get an exact match with your hair. Its quick and easy to dye and/or bleach your extensions the same shade as your hair. My Luxury Hair Extensions will not be damaged by dye or bleach!

Caring and maintaining your new Weft and Tape Extensions
So you have hair extensions, but are unsure of how to care for them. Read on to learn how simple it is to care for your hair extensions.

The first and most important factor is to wash them properly.The best shampoo would be shampoo for normal hair. Wash once or twice a week, the less you wash the longer your extensions will last. The worst thing to do is apply conditioner directly on the roots. It makes the hair very slippery and the extensions can slide out. We don't need any
conditioner by the roots because our natural oils are moisturizing the scalp and roots. You should be using a lot of conditioner on the ends.
The ends can dry up easily and split ends will occur if not kept moisturized. Do not turn your head upside down to wash and don't
scrunch all the hair together. Always keep the extensions flowing in a downward motion when washing. You can let your hair air dry or blow dry. And never sleep on wet hair.

The best brush to use is a soft bristled brush. When you brush your hair extensions, brush gently making sure your bristles aren't getting stuck in the hair extension bonds. Flexible bristles will just move around the bonds/clips/stitching. If your hair is wet or slightly tangled, just start brushing from the ends of your hair going gently towards the top. Be gentle with your hair. Don't pull or tug at it. Spraying a leave in conditioner in your hair will help keep your hair tangle free and moisturized. DO NOT brush curly or wavy extensions unless you are styling it.
You will want to wear your hair in a ponytail when exercising and brush it our afterward. If your scalp gets really sweaty wash your hair after you work out. When swimming in a pool or the ocean you can put your hair in a ponytail or leave it down. The most important thing to do is rinse out the chlorine or saltwater as soon as possible. Its also a good idea to take your brush and some leave in conditioner to use while your hair is drying if you cant rinse it out right away.

Hair extensions need regular maintenance. If you decide to go for tape in or weft hair extensions, just bear in mind, every 2 months, you have to have them maintained. If your hair is finer than normal hair, quite fragile, or thinning, make sure you do your maintenance more often, maybe every month. It's relatively easy to look after hair extensions and if you stick to these simple rules, your hair will be looking beautiful for the whole 3 months. And remember if you have any questions please contact your stylist. They are here to help you!

How To Sew Tracks of Weft Extensions

Add length & volume in no time with easy to follow instructions

-Get a friend to help with the braids if you can, its easier to have someone else braid your hair. Or bring it to a salon to get it installed, you will save a ton by bringing your own hair to your salon instead of buying it from them!
-Braid your hair when it is wet, this will result in a tighter and more secure braid.
-If you are sewing in more than 1 pack of hair you should use a hair net and stitch it to the braids to protect your hair from brushing and washing.
-Always leave the very edges of your hair out, especially at the back and sides of head. It will cover the braids and stitching of the extensions and you will be able to wear your hair up!
-Buy 2 or more bundles to achieve a full, natural, and professional look. One bundle is only enough if you have thin hair or want to add some highlights, streaks or to add length. If you want volume buy 2 packs of clip in, 2 packs taps in, 3-4 bundles wefts
-If you are sewing a full weave, 3 to 4 bundles of weft is needed to achieve a professional look. Most of our customers order the three bundle lot so they will have enough for a full sew on or a full sewed wig.
How to use sew a 100g bundle of weft to add length and color!

Buy #613 or #27 to match your hair perfectly to your extensions.
Want to add highlights and dimension? Buy #12 or #1B Natural Black and dye it any color you want!
Buy #4 , #12 or #1B natural black and dye it any color you want.
Buy #1 for jet black hair or #1B and dye it any color you want.
Need help? Send us a photo in natural light of your hair, we will color match it for you FREE of charge!

Hair Textures and Colors
All our 1B Natural Black extensions can be dyed, bleached and styled any way you like because its real human hair so treat it like your own! All other colors have been dyed or bleached so it should be dyed darker

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